Pedagogy in distributed learning environments ????????

Jenny Mackness is a researcher and author of a number of papers on the subject of digital learning and MOOCs.  Her blog post Program for Online Teaching cuts to the core of what it means to be a teacher in these environments.  George Siemen’s metaphors of educators is a starting point where he describes the roles as master artist, network administration, concierge and curator. Stephen Downes adds to this with his Twitter research where he found 23 roles for educators.  Jenny has presented the quandry of offering quality learning experiences for the masses such as can be experienced in MOOCs. Downes talks about a number of educators supporting larger groups of learners.  How is this done?



One thought on “Pedagogy in distributed learning environments ????????”

  1. Louise – I have tried to answer this question on the Pedagogy First blog. Do you have any further thoughts about this? Thanks for raising the question. Jenny


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