“Digital Divide”: Educators debate the use of technology in the classroom

Joe’s response highlights the new and varied roles of teachers which have become far more complex in the digital learning space. The notion of teacher as a curator, guider, interpreter are just some examples of skills required to prepare learners for 21st century workplaces where all these skills are necessary to gather knowledge at a pace. The assertion that capability is required to use devices for education effectively is a real gem and is an area that is sorely lacking. That digital learning has a bad reputation is not necessarily due to the space but how it has been used with a technology focus, to the detriment of effective pedagogy ie the technology will only be effective when placed in capable hands. This may be why Bowen and others like him are balking when it comes to embracing digital learning and seeing its usefulness to quality education.

Joe Hirsch

Is technology going to save or savage 21st century learners? To deny the disruptive force of digital technology in schools is about as useful as contesting the presence of TSA screenings at airports – it’s here, so accept it. But is it good for students and the future of learning?

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