Tracking learning in the cloud, self tracking – not such a silly idea!

I have been dabbling with learner analytics particularly in relation to capturing Web 2.0 activity which is much more difficult than LA within a learning management system.  As an educator, my main interest is early early intervention for those who require it followed by using the data to allocate resources to where they are most used/needed. Erik Duval is amongst researchers who suggest self tracking as a means of recording learning episodes in the cloud and this got me thinking about the Fitbit type trackers that can be used to send statements to a central database which in turn can be used to support learners.

It appears that this line of thinking is growing legs. Mostly recently Doug Johnson ( posted similar thoughts on his blog.  While he doesn’t mention learner analytics, he is certainly referring to the types of actions that may be logged in the learning sphere.  I suggest that we watch this space.

See Erik’s presentation at


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