Sept 2014 Today is the start of a new direction

I was looking for some useful information on Learner Analytics (LA) for cloud based learning and I found a very gifted thought-smith and researcher by the name of Erik Duval who is expanding thinking about  LA outside learning management systems.  He really grabbed by attention because I have been grappling with how to capture learning episodes in the cloud.

I then followed Erik’s link to his Word Press blog and although I am a Blogger, I decided to reactivate my Word Press in Erik’s honour.  You see, I found out that Erik is ill with cancer and I thought that he was very brave to share this with us so this is my small token of my appreciation for his work.

Here is Erik’s presentation so enjoy.

By the way, I would also like to thank Erik on another level. With troubles swirling around on a daily basis, mistrust, disrespect and all those associated feelings of stress, I have decided that my lot in life is very much not as difficult at this time as Erik’s and so I have made a choice today to rise above all that and continue working hard toward improving what I see is an antiquated way of providing learning opportunities for our adult learners.

Erik posted about something that I came across in University over 15 years ago and that was the ‘imposter syndrome’.  This is where you worry that you shouldn’t be where you are, that someone may find out that you are an imposter, that perhaps your ideas are worthless……Yes Erik, I have been a long sufferer of said syndrome and like the post, I am going to use it to spur me on.

Two more quotes that I came across recently are these:

Good leaders surround themselves by good leaders;

People don’t leave organisations, they leave bad managers.







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